Precision Fabrications of Aerospace and Aircraft Components


Pioneer Machine & Tool Co. and the entire staff are trusted to contribute their manufacturing expertise to many mission projects across the country everyday.


NASA Apollo Missions

F4 Phantom

Tiros II

Trident Submarine

F16-Falcon Fire Control Radar System

B-1B Lancer

E-4B Advanced Airborne Command Post

AEGIS Combat System

Multiple Object Tracking Radar (MOTR)

Littoral Combat Ship

RMMV (Remote Mine Hunting Vehicle)

Sea-Wolf Class Attack Submarine

Virginia Class Attack Submarine

Medium Extended Air Defense System (MEADS)

MK41 Vertical Launch System (VLS)



Minuteman III

FALCON Hypersonic Vehicle

Various Ground Based and Sea Based Radar Systems

Various Military and Commercial Satellite Programs

Various Ground Support Equipment 


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